CPM Communication

CPM Communication

5 Levels of  CPM Communication and effect on flow. All abusive anger is at level 1.

Hierarchy of communication with anger at bottom

CPM hierarchy of communication with anger and abuse at the bottom

 Hierarchy of communication

Level 1 [bottom]  Communication uses excessive anger based on negative comparative thinking and trying for a win/loose outcome. The is no flow and no awareness of the seven truths.

Level 2 Communication based on discussion with both parties trying to get the other party to agree with them. There is awareness of the 7 truths but not necessarily understanding how to use them.

Level 3. Communication based on respectfully listening to each others point of view and trying to find the best outcome. This is called the a dialog. Awareness of how flow works and using flow, but to a limited degree. Understanding of the 7 truths

Level 4 Communication based on empathy with a dialog approach to reach an agreed outcome based on mutual benefit. Good use of the 7 truths and of flow.

Level 5. Communication based on bonding with both parties give up their needs in support of the other party after using dialog and empathy to arrive at an outcome. Complete use of the 7 truths and optimum flow.

 The seven truths mentioned above are:

1st Truth:   Conscious versus Subconscious.

2nd Truth:  Principle Thinking versus Negative Comparative Thinking

3rd Truth:  Inside versus Outside

4th Truth:   Support versus Challenge

5th Truth:  Influence versus Concern

6th Truth:  Control versus Responsibility

7th Truth:   Behavior versus the Person

CPM communication stands for Cognitive Principle Matrix communication and can be related to Maslow's hierarchy of needs.