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Depression-A simplified view

What is Depression? According to cognitive principle matrix theory "depression is feeling hopeless and having hopeless thoughts, generating enough fear to try to force the body into withdrawal mode" Note: The term "withdrawal" is based on Dr. Stephen Porge's polyvagal theory. It is a conflict between the three brains. The head and the heart brain…
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How personality disorders are created

Creation of a Personality Disorder: The following three processes when combined can lead to a personality disorder: 1.    Attachment theory-unresolved issues in childhood. 2.    Polyvagal theory-Our nervous system responding to the threat 3.    Predictive mind-creating false beliefs   1.   Attachment Theory: The following authors propose that “Attachment theory” can explain the formation of a personality disorder, when applied to…
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The 10 Personality Disorders-A simplified view.

Personality Disorders-A simplified view according to CPM The purpose of proposing a simplified view is that the method goes straight to the treatment plan, rather than looking at behavioural symptoms for diagnosis to assign a label. Note: The CPM theory is based on the paper titled "DSM-5 The Ten Personality Disorders: by Simone Hoemann Ph.D,…
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