The Cognitive Principle Matrix has been designed to be able to teach how intellectual intelligence, emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence are integrated. The  model is a simple way to teach, learn and apply the three intelligences to overcome the two highest negative emotions, namely, fear and anger.

The purpose of the Cognitive Principle Matrix model is to align the conscious and subconscious mind so that the conscious mind can voluntarily give up control to the subconscious mind and achieve processing speeds vastly superior to what the conscious mind can control.

The Cognitive Principle Matrix provides the structure of knowledge, understanding, awareness and processes for moving between five zones using the seven truths and the five principle groups to get needs meet. It has been based on Malsow's "Hierarchy of Needs"

What are the 5 Zones?

The five zones match the five universal needs of people  [Based on Maslow's work]

Zone 1   Physiological  [fear driven]

Zone 2  Safety and security  [fear driven]

Zone 3  Behavioral needs  [greed driven]

Zone 4.  Relationship needs [greed driven]

Zone 5.  Spiritual needs  [rising above fear and greed]

What are the seven Truths?

The seven truths provide theoretical knowledge of the structure for meeting the five needs.

What are the  five Principle Groups?

The five principle groups provide the understanding and awareness of values and emotions that operate at each zone.

The three Stages and five Zones are as follows:

STAGES                                                            ZONES

CPM   Counselling                                                Zone 1

CPM   Resilience coaching                               Zone 2, 3 & 4

CPM   Flow coaching                                           Zone 5

In practice the three stages overlap when they being taught. Each stage can be a different starting point based on the requirements of the client.

The benefits of the Cognitive Principle Matrix are:

  • Builds emotional intelligence (EQ) and spiritual intelligence (SQ)
  • Integrates IQ, EQ & SQ
  • Builds resilience
  • Overcomes dysfunctional behaviors such as anxiety, depression, anger, addictions and low self-esteem
  • Teaches flow, resulting in productivity gains of between 5-20%
  • Teaches optimum flow resulting in productivity gains of 20-100%.