CPM & Polyvagal


About the Program:

  • The program gets you to select goals from the "Ikigai" model and using the Cognitive Principle Matrix combined with Polyvagal theory, enables you to work through  structured processes to achieve those goals
  • The program runs for 7 one hour sessions and costs $699.


How to build meaning into your life. That is, applying principles into the area you select from "Ikigai"


The above model is converted into a Cognitive Principle Matrix as shown below

The principles are grouped into seven groups each with its own level.

  • There are seven systems supporting the seven groups
  • There are seven rules applying to the seven groups.
  • At each of the seven levels there are seven individual principles
  • There are seven steps to pass through at each of the seven levels

The matrix is explained in simple terms, even though the matrix is complex.

You can achieve your goals a lot easier once you understand how your system works.