Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling-specialising in anger and conflict

Comment by couple on completion

We learned more in three sessions with this form of couples counselling compared to three months of talking to our last psychologist. Our anger has reduced significantly.

Blended family comprising of a couple in their forties, each with two children from a prior relationship.


In Relationship and Couples Counselling the emphasis is to identifying where individual needs are not being met such as:
Love, respect, trust, acceptance and commitment (these are called relationship principles)

These unmet needs are then acted out in as anger and other behaviors towards each other and are mainly displayed as inadequacies and bad habits related to:
Communication, intimacy, work, money and sex, or combinations of those.

The Cognitive Principle Therapy [CPT] steps:

• Listening to the client and understanding their needs.
• Developing greater awareness of themselves and their partner.
• Learning techniques to change their behavior, not by changing their old habits, but by creating new habits which over come the unwanted behavior.
• Learning other techniques from the Cognitive Principle Matrix [TM], such as “Splitting the Person from their behavior” where you deal with the behavior, but not the person responsible for the behavior.
• Respecting, accepting, trusting and committing to each other.
A key difference between CPT and other therapies is that couples are given constant feedback on themselves, the cause of their problems and how to fix those problems.

Developing Self-awareness:

Both couples are asked to complete a Schema Questionnaire and the results of each are discussed individually with the counsellor. Often the couples are seen separately to work on individual issues for a short period and then return together to complete the counselling. The schema test identifies where you and your partner differ in your key traits such as vulnerability, impulsiveness, self-discipline, anger, compliance, etc
Counselling typically lasts between four and ten sessions.



Overcoming anger through awareness & building resilience.

Why You should I do this course?

  • 80% of partners will pick another partner with the opposite behavior traits to themselves. This is a subconscious survival mechanism to make you stronger, but only if you work together. Working against each other can destroy the relationship.
  • If you can identify any of the opposite behavior traits in your partner then this course is for you:

Introvert with an extrovert

Optimist with a pessimist

Overly emotional with overly reserved

Overly emotional with overly logical.

Overly controlling with a overly passive

Overly responsible with one who lacks commitment

Overly Intellectual with overly practical


Anger Management Specialist Counsellor

Anger management will improve communication



“When we came to you our relationship was out of control. We were both physically abusive to each other and so immature. We now understand ourselves a lot better. After four sessions were still argue, but there is no abusive behaviour.”

Young couple together for 18 months and due to be married.