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Cognitive Principle Matrix-Counselling and Business flow coaching

Hi, I'm Robert McInnes, creator of the Cognitive Principle Matrix [CPM]. The CPM is a model of drivers of human behaviour built around 7 truths and 5 groups of principles.  It is applied emotional intelligence addressing the five needs of all people, namely:

  • Spiritual connection
  • Relationship connection
  • Self-esteem and personal growth.
  • Safety and Security.
  • Physiological needs.

The 5 principle groups are unique and are a represenation of hundreds of behaviours displayed by people. Once the 7 truths are applied to the principle groups, all behaviors in that group change. By changing core beliefs, thinking controls emotional responses to large groups of behaviors. This is great news for those wanting to grow emotional intelligence quickly using a structured logic approach.

    CPM is the first positive psychology model to map a pathway from dysfunction [threat to physiological needs] to spiritual connection [optimum flow] using IQ, EQ & SQ, and thereby connecting the five neeeds.

The two new personal development programs relating to flow are:

* Zero Based Resilience Coaching-Productivity gains of 5-20%

* Business Flow Coaching -Productivity gains of 20-100%


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Our Vision

Is to improve life by using The Cognitive Principle Matrix, which is based on changing thinking, understanding and developing principles, and applying those using innovative techniques.

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Our Mission

  •  To keep developing the Cognitive Principle Matrix
  •   To continue to make the CPM simpler to understand, learn and use.
  •   To provide wider applications for the CPM.
  •   To reach a wider audience.