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Counselling using the positive psychology technique of Cognitive Principle Therapy


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Cognitive Principle Therapy is based on the Cognitive Prinicple Matrix which is comprised of 7 truths and 5 groups of prinicples which are used to improve anxiety, anger, derpession, low self esteem and relationship issues.

The CPM rule is:

In the short term, emotions control thinking [automatic thoughts]

In the long term, thinking [core beliefs] controls emotions.

What CPM does is create core beliefs about emotions by learning and applying the 7 truths and 5 principle groups which then change short term emotional responses.  The 5 principle groups are a representation of various behaviors. Rather than learning hundreds of appropriate behavioral responses and a long set of rules related to each of those, you learn the truths that apply to large groups of behaviors, called the 5 Principle groups.

Eg. Instead of learning not to cut someone off when they are speaking to you, and not to get frustrated with them, and not to verbally abuse them, you learn the principle of respect and the rules that relate to respect, then you automatically stop doing those behaviors in the future. In regard to relationships, there are only 4 behaviors to be learnt, namely, trust, respect, acceptance and commitment. The 7 rules apply to all the principle groups.

Our Vision

Is to improve life by using The Cognitive Principle Matrix, which is based on changing thinking, understanding and developing principles, and applying those using innovative techniques.

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Our Mission

  •  To keep developing the Cognitive Principle Matrix
  •   To continue to make the CPM simpler to understand, learn and use.
  •   To provide wider applications for the CPM.
  •   To reach a wider audience.