Year 2019 and the next 30 years- A confused generation

The Meaning of life and the Needs of humanity

History of the world:

According to Yuval Harari’s “Homo Deus-A Brief History of Tomorrow”  [2015] the three major factors adversely affecting life on earth have now been overcome, namely:

  • Famine
  • Plaque
  • War

This statement has been supported by another author, Steven Pinker’s “Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress”

Harari states “if incidences of famine, plaque and war are decreasing, something is bound to take their place on the human agenda. We better think very carefully what it is gong to be.” He goes on to state that humanity’s next targets are likely to be:

  • Immortality [eg. Cyberborg-part human, part artificial limbs, organs, intelligence]
  • Happiness [Virtual Reality-providing instant happiness as requested]
  • Divinity, “throughout history gods were believed to enjoy not omnipotence, but rather specific super-abilities such as the ability to create living beings, transform their own bodies, control the environment, read minds, travel at high speed” [Biotechnology-altering genes, etc.]

The process of achieving immortality, happiness and divinity are totally aligned to capitalism and economic growth and the global needs of humans, however, according to Cognitive Principle Matrix theory, they will not improve the state of humanity. The three highest levels of consciousness according to Victor Frankl are:

  1. Relationships, that is, the belief and trust in a God, or a person [love]
  2. Work, either paid or unpaid
  3. Suffering, understanding the meaning in the suffering.

When a person is fully aligned, they will experience the four relationship principles, that is, trust, respect, acceptance and commitment, in their head, their heart and their gut.

  • Head brain: Through the work they do, whether paid or unpaid, they will trust and respect themselves based on their knowledge, experience and skill that they possess and degree of acceptance and commitment they have to the work they do.
  • Heart brain: Through relationships they will build trust, respect, accept and commitment.
  • Gut Brain: Through suffering they will trust and respect themselves, while they accept and commit to grow their gut principles of courage, assertiveness, evaluation,  patience, persistence and self-control.

In the context of the above, the development Cyberborgs, Virtual Reality and Biotechnology can be beneficial to humanity.

However, history has shown us it is the developed countries that determine the future of humanity. The two major powers driving capitalism are the USA & China, whose philosophies are very different, but are not directed towards achieving higher levels of consciousness as defined by the cognitive principle matrix above. They both appear to be driven by false positives, that is, their own self-interest.

False positives eventually get exposed, however, they can be covered up for some time. It would appear it could take another 30 years before global society moves to the next level in Maslow’s hierarchy and not be stuck on false positives.

While humanity might be confused and driven by false positives, individuals while find hope and meaning.

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