Zero Based Resilience


It is more than resilience training, it is taking oneself out of their comfort zone [disruption] and allowing them to drop to a zero base.

In the attached model the zero base is at level 3. If you break through a person's resilience, they will fall to a level 1A, 2 or 3 and seek dysfunctional control through fight, flight or freeze.

Zero based growth always involves suffering, which is part of life. You have two choices, suffer and grow or suffer and blame [Drop to levels 1A, 1 or 2] The next step is to suffer and grow from level 3 to level 4. Grow your influencing or gut principles [level 4]

When you grow more courage for example, you will then trust yourself more and seek the truth, finding meaning in hope. Hope means you know you will get there, even if you don't know the "how to". The process, the tools, the rules, the systems are taught using the Cognitive Principle Matrix.