Dr. Iain McGilchrist, Fellow of the Royal College of of Psychiatrists  has recently [2019] published his book titled "Ways of Attending-How our Divided Brain Constructs the World."

Dr. McGilchrist's theory on left brain-right brain matches that stated by Dr. Stephen Porge's relating to Polyvagal theory and the autonomic nervous system. Left brain is more "Perception", whereas Right brain is more "neuroception" see diagram below:

McGilchrist states the differences when comparing the  right hemisphere to the left hemisphere.

  • The nature of the right-hemisphere, attention means  that whatever we experience comes to us first -it "presences" to us in unpreconceived freshness. The left hemisphere processes it later.
  • It is better at making connections between things: It tends to see things whole, whereas the left hemisphere sees the parts and in abstract form.
  • The right hemisphere seems better able to appreciate actually existing things in all their uniqueness, while the left hemisphere schematizes and generalizes things into categories.
  • The left hemisphere is better attuned to things which are constructed, piece by piece, whereas the right hemisphere is adapted to dealing with living things, which are flexible, organic and constantly changing.
  • While both hemispheres are involved in the expression and appreciation of emotion, the majority of our emotional life depends on the right hemisphere.

"The triumph of the left hemisphere-evolution of Western culture"

McGilchrist asks "What if the left hemisphere came to be the sole purveyor of  our reality?" then, the likely outcome would be:

  • The whole picture would be unattainable: the world would become a heap of bits.
  • Increase in specialization and technicalizing of knowledge.
  • The world would become more virtualized.
  • There would be a derogation of higher values and a cynicism of their status.
  • Morality would be based at best on utilitarian calculation,at worst on enlightened self-interest.
  • The impersonal would replace the personal.
  • The focus would be on material things at the expense of the living.
  • Exploitation rather than co-operation, would be default relationship between human individuals and humanity.
  • The left hemisphere cannot trust and lead to paranoia.
  • Government's would be obsessed with security and seek total control.
  • Reasonableness would be replaced by rationality.

The rise of the left hemisphere over the right hemisphere in Western societies, creates a breeding ground for narcissists to develop. In terms of the Cognitive Principle Matrix it shows up as a growth in level 2 behavior, based on the left hemisphere's view of level 6. consequently, there is a decline in level 5 and 7 behavior. See below.

The dominance of left hemisphere over the right hemisphere creates  an imbalance in our body. The narcissist tends to exhibit [generalization] the behaviors at the top [see chart below]. They seek out relationships with those out of balance at the bottom, so that them can dominate them to feel secure.


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