Polyvagal Theory and Neuroceptions

Cognitive Principle Therapy now includes Polyvagal Theory.

In polyvagal theory describes relates life at the lowest level. We are alive or we shutdown [freeze]. This response is built into animals. However, when we became human we developed a view of life, but also a view of humanity [level 2]. What we believe about life is reflected in our Gut brain. What we believe about humanity is felt in our Heart brain.  Our throat then speaks with conviction coming from our gut and you can see our emotions from out heart in our face. There is a conflict when our consciousness mind wants higher needs than safety. For example, the higher need of the conscious mind is to bungy jump, whereas the lower need in the gut is to stay safe. Whoever wins is reflected in the voice and the face.

Polyvagal Theory relates to Attachment therapy and Control. The 7 level model relates to the main 7 energy points in the body. The vagus nerve through self-regulation controls the flow of energy to the body. Neuroceptions flow from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind, where we can:

  1. Add meaning to them
  2. Direct our attention to them or away from them
  3. Apply logic to them.
  4. Make further predictions to those supplied.

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