Anger-Short Course.

Anger-Short Course.

FREE report before starting the course.

This course has been specifically designed for those who have anger and want to reduce it in the fastest time possible. The course covers two telephone sessions, plus the completion of a scheme test to determine the personal traits that contribute to the anger.. It suits those who have been unsuccessful with other methods to reduce their anger, but really want to change quickly.

Cost: $250

The 124 question schema test is sent to you before payment is made. When the test is  returned to me, I will prepare a report and sent it back  to you. If you are happy with the report then pay the $250 and the course will commence.

Presentation of the course:

  • By telephone over two sessions, with supporting notes emailed to the client.

Structure of the course:

  • In the first session the client is taught the Stop, Find method [TM] to create a new habit to overcome the anger. The client is also given a schema test to complete at home.
  • The new habit is then practiced during the next week.
  • In the second session teaches two other techniques, one to change aggression to assertiveness and the other to reduce fear. Supporting notes are provided for reference.

A certificate for the court is not available for  a two session course, but the anger will reduce significantly if the person wants to change.

How is it possible to reduce anger in two sessions?

  • It takes between 15-284 days to change a habit behaviorally, but within 2-14 days creating a new habit using principles.
  • 90% of anger is caused by either a lack of respect or a lack  of trust.
  • Cognitive Principle was developed over 13 years to change principles quickly, using techniques not found in other therapies.

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This course  targets anger, but not the underlying causes of the anger. However, it works in reducing anger and has for over 6 years and 780 clients.


Anger can change quickly once you decide to take action


“My anger in the truck seemed to disappear while doing the road rage course. I’m now far less stressed while driving and minor incidents don’t even worry me. I’ll wait for my next big test.”

45 year old truck driver.