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Spiritual wisdom

Using cognitive wisdom versus spiritual wisdom to deal with non physical fear. In the Cognitive Principle Matrix cognitive wisdom is based on applying influencing principles, relationship principles and some spiritual principles which enables a person to reach a level 4 on the above chart, whereas spiritual wisdom is based on experiencing spiritual principles while operating…
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Active Mindfulness

Active Mindfulnes What is active mindfulness? Active mindfulness using Cognitive Principle Matrix mindfulness occurs when you are concentrating on nothing, but are doing something. Active mindfulness is a way of achieving goals using optimum flow. Active mindfulness is based on the two-component model of mindfulness, but then changing the definition of the second component. Bishop,…
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Using spiritual principles to form attachments

Using spiritual principles to form attachments In the cognitive principle matrix there are six phases of attachment. Phases 1 to 4 relate to attachment to our primary relationship at a particular time, for example, to your mother or later in life to your partner. Phases 5 and 6 relate to attachment to your higher spiritual…
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