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Adult Attachment Theory- A simple view

Adult Attachment Theory- CPM view   According to the Cognitive Principle Matrix, if a child experiences dysfunctional attachment with its caregivers, then four basic personality styles will develop and continue into adulthood, unless the dysfunction is resolved. The amount of awareness and resilience that a child has will determine the degree to which the dysfunction…
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Future of coaching-It is not goal based

Coaching in the 21st century   Goal based coaching is a 20th century model, but is still relevant to management styles that are in the 20th century, so that it is fairly common. The reason that goal based systems are becoming outdated is not because they don't work, but because they are slow and use…
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15 Types of anger-You have one or more of them.

15 types of anger defined using Cognitive Principle Therapy. Anger arises from the various combinations of the three factors which drive our needs. These are: • Type of control we use. • Negative emotions comprising of fear, anger, sadness, criticalness, guilt, confusion and anxiousness • Our personality type or behavior. There are five types of…
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