Business-External supervision

External supervision for business.

Are you ready for external supervision?

Business relationships-

Is there trust and respect at levels 1,3,5 &7?

Business processes-

Is there acceptance and commitment at levels 2,4,6,8 & 9?

According to the cognitive principle matrix optimum teamwork is based on trust and respect between the team members and acceptance and commitment to the team goals.

External supervision is a process to help the manager [supervisee] achieve optimum team work through awareness of themselves and others and building resilience into the relationship. Also identifying and correcting processes which prevent the achievement of team goals.

  • External supervision is not counseling, because it goes deeper into the organization.
  • External supervision is not coaching, because it goes deeper into mind of the supervisee and the people they are connected to in the organization.


  • Cost is $120/hour +gst. Additional $30 travel cost if held other than at the supervisors' office.
  • External supervision may involve one session or monthly sessions, for however long the supervisee  decides.