Anger Assessment Report


What is an Anger Assessment?

This is a report prepared for the client based on a questionaire sent to the client's email address. The questionaire covers 124 questions and takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Once the questionaire is completed it is returned to the counsellor and an assessment report is prepared within 24 hours and sent back to the client.

What is a Anger Report?

The report is prepared by the counsellor, it is not a computer generated report. It not only covers anger issues, but other factors which result in anger issues.

The report costs $40.00 and is paid after the client receives the questionaire. If the client does not want to complete or return the questionaire then there is no cost. Payment is made by bank transfer to the account provided when ordering the questionaire.

Over 500 anger reports have been prepared for clients. To receive a questionaire email myself, Robert McInnes on

An Example of an Anger Report:

Summary of results based on the answers you gave

Moderate to high levels of  vulnerability,  feeling lonely most of the time and frequently feeling inadequate.

Very low levels of anger. Seems to be able to exercise high levels of self control to stop anger most of the time.

Moderate to high rage levels. While controlling his anger nearly all the time, when pushed past his limit he explodes with anger.

Is frequently implusive. May speak or act without thinking at times.

Well disciplined slightly better than average.

Unhappy a lot of the time. Feels lonely and not connected to others. Sometimes doesn’t feel understood by other people.

Moderate levels of compliance to others and puts up with anything from people important to him to avoid conflict.

Moderate to high levels of detachment to others. Slightly depressed, frequently doesn’t want to get involved with others.

Moderate levels of self-soothing. Sometimes tries to distract himself from negative thoughts through other activities.

Low levels of self-aggrandising. Can be occasionally critical of others.

Very low levels of Bully Attack. Tries hard no to use aggression to achieve.

High levels of punitive parent. Often struggles to forgive himself, blames himself, feels that he deserves punishment if he does something wrong.

Average levels of demanding parent, but pushes himself to the better than others. Tries to do the right thing.

 Mental/emotional health.  Slightly below average mental health level. Tries to be assertive but occasionally goes overboard with his reaction.

My interpretation of the results:

Appears to have grown up in a tough environment where he was criticized by a parent or other authoritative figure. He seems to have taken that personally and blamed himself for the mistakes he made. This caused him to withdraw and feel different to others and not fully engage with others for the fear of being judged or rejected.

It appears that to show negative emotions such as anger was frowned upon when growing up so he tries to suppress his anger, but when someone pushes him too far then he looses it, goes into a rage, then feels guilty and blames himself.